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 Bulgarian Floral Water - Rose Floral Water, Lavender Water

Our natural hydrosols are 100% pure botanical extracts. Delicately scented, these high-quality flower waters make wonderful perfumes, linen and aromatherapy sprays, facial mists, and ingredients for homemade body care.

Natural Infusions Hydrosols are powerful aromatic extracts that are produced when plants are steam distilled with pristine purified water by master distillers. As steam opens up the cellular pockets of plant material, a wondrous aromatic essence is released from these organically grown, freshly harvested plants. As a result, these therapeutic waters are infused with beneficial herbal elements and micro-molecules of essential oil.

Suggested Use: 

  • Use as a facial toner daily.
  • Mist on your pillow or in the air before bed.
  • -Spray on the body to calm the mind.
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Bulgarian Organic Lavender Water -30%

Bulgarian Organic Lavender Water

Premium Quality Bulgarian Lavender Water- 100% pure & Natural As of 2011, Bulgaria is the world'..

$27.00 $19.00

Bulgarian Organic Rose Water, Rose Hydrosol

Our Bulgarian Rose Water is a 100 % pure and natural product.The rose water is produced via steam - ..


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